The Hoop Book

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With this book I want to share my love for this magical ring with you.
To me, the hoop is so much more than just a circle. It represents… freedom, expression, joy, healing, flow and art. When you step inside a hoop, there’s only the present moment. This book inspires you to dive deep into this hula hoop world. You will…

• Read interviews with amazing hoopers: Mat Plendl, Hoopalicious, Grace Good, Emma Kenna, Deanne Love, Lisa Lottie, Jocelyn Gordon, FlowMies, Eshna Kutty, Dances With Circles, Lee Jeffries & Miss Mo’Jangles.

• Stay inspired for new tricks, playful activities and more.

• Broaden your basic knowledge about the hoop
(sizes, material, tape etc.)

• Learn about hoop history.

• Find new ways to connect to your body, your hoop, nature and other hoopers.

With love and hoop dreams, Linda

Available in the following countries:
The Netherlands
United Kingdom